Easy Toddler Snack List

Yes, I made a list to remind myself just as much as to remind you, and yes, I’ll be updating it as I go. The ones that fit well in a GoBe Kids Snack Spinner (I recommend it!) are marked with a *.



Tomatoes, quartered or halved
Green Beans*
Spinach leaves, cut into shreds if under 9 months*


Grapes, quartered or halved
Apple, in slices*
Freeze Dried Fruit – we like the Kroger store brand, since it has no added sugar*


Rice puff crackers (we love Lundberg’s Thin Stackers for not being too gooshy)
Happy Baby Snackers (not ‘easy’ if your kiddo spits food out)*
Happy Baby Superfood Puffs (we call it ‘cereal’; not ‘easy’ if kiddo likes to spit out food)*


Cheese, cut into baby finger sized ‘sticks’*