Little Quack Counts


Ages 1+. Written by Lauren Thompson, Illustrated by Derek Anderson.

4 Stars: Story Driven Counting book

A breath of fresh air after a billion one-a-page ‘2 fuzzy lumpkins, 1 swaddled grue’ picture books, this one tells a story with its counting. It also goes from 1 to 5 and then counts backwards back to 1. Despite the 1+ age listing, my little enjoyed this one at 10 months.


Gender Diversity

I’m pretty sure Little Quack’s sister Widdle, who accompanies Little Quack, is supposed to be a female duckling. Maybe it’s the flower behind an ear.

Solid Moral

If you’re in trouble, find a trusted adult! Always a good lesson to impart.

(Almost) Easy focus ARt

About every other page has clearcut art design so your little can see exactly what you’re counting and point along.

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My little loves the beeeeeees.